Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant when done for the right reasons, at the right time and by the right people can be a BOON OF LIFE, however most of the patients are unprepared for this major undertaking and tend to get carried away by inadequate, unsubstantiated and sometimes misleading information available through the internet and propaganda done on behalf of Liver Transplant Centers. Therefore to get the best result out of this life-saving procedure of Liver Transplant , it is advised to LOOK before you LEAP.

After working as a Senior Transplant Coordinator in renowned centers of Liver Transplant in India with reputed surgeons and with the experience of dealing with about 12500 liver disease patients and personally coordinating more than 800 liver transplants in India, the author , started feeling that she should provide the benefits of her experience to all the patients in need for Liver Transplant and not restrict herself to a single Team, Center or Area. In past Decade, India has become an attraction for Medical Tourism specially for Liver Transplant because of ‘Low Cost and High Success Rate’. The cost of Liver Transplant Surgery in India varies between 10 to 30 Lacs Rupees (INR) which is about 1/6th of the cost of Liver Transplant Surgery abroad.

A new Liver gives a new life and a well informed decision gives a successful Liver Transplant and complete satisfaction to the patient. The Patient and his family need to have proper Guidance and Education regarding Liver Disease and Liver Transplant procedure before going for this major undertaking.

Liver Transplant is a highly complex procedure and the Patient and his/her family members are in a dilemma – what to do, where to go, how to proceed, what are the Pros and Cons, is the Liver Transplant actually required or is there any other option available, how to tackle Financial, Legal, Donor-related issues, what are the Risks Involved, is there any Risk to the Donor, What is the Actual Success Rate, etc. etc. the list of such queries is endless.

The author wants to help, guide and educate such patients through her experience as a Liver Transplant Consultant and to share the moments faced by the patients in their Pre, Peri and Post transplant Period.

The Process of Liver Transplant is highly complex and the patient and his family members have to face a lot of Medical, Financial and Legal problems. Her sole aim is to provide them relief by proper Guidance, Education and by answering thousands of queries in their minds related to this complex and expensive medical treatment. This can reduce the complexity of this whole process to a large extent and ultimately result in completion of this procedure with full satisfaction.

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  1. I am Nahid from Bangladesh , my father age 70 . Has liver problem , fatty liver turned into liver cirrhosis,my father also having diabetes. we have done fabroscan and endoscopy in labaid hospital , Dhaka Bangladesh . Need to consult to best doctor in India . How can I for best treatment of my father .

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