How to avoid Liver Transplant

Have you(or any of your known to) been advised Liver Transplant?

Do not panic. Do not decide in a hurry. Liver Transplant is not a simple operation. You need authentic, classified information before taking any decision. Only after knowing some facts, you will be in a position to take the best decision for the patient, like –

Can we avoid Liver Transplant? Can we delay Liver Transplant? Is Liver Transplant the only option?

♦ If Liver Transplant is necessary, then what are the chances of success in our case?

♦ If Liver Transplant is necessary, then for how much time can we wait without undue risk so that we may make the necessary arrangements?

♦ Where to go? Whom to meet? What to do? ?

♦ At which Liver Transplant Center there are maximum chances of success?

♦ At which Liver Transplant Center the cost of Liver Transplant is minimum?

♦ Who can Donate Liver ?

♦ If there is no Donor in the family then how to get Cadaver Liver Donor Legally?

♦ What is the risk to the life of a Liver Donor?

♦ What complications does a Liver Donor face after donating the liver ?

♦ If the patient doesn’t need Liver Transplant then which precautions are required so that the need for Liver Transplant may not arise in future

After getting answers to all such questions you will be in a state to decide what is best for the Patient.

What you must do, what you should not do and which wrong decisions you have to avoid.

If you are suffering from any Liver Disease and due to misinformation or insufficient information you are unable to decide the best course of action, Immediately Consult Dr. Jyotsna Verma.

Question – We have already consulted all the big names and institutes. What is the advantage of consultation with Dr Jyotsna Verma?

Answer – Your consultation with Dr Jyotsna Verma will not be of 5-10 minutes in which some new tests will be written and an opinion will be given. No, No, No, It will take more than one hour and it will Not be Target Oriented. The answer of your question is in the words – “Not Target Oriented“. I hope you understand.

Question – What will we get by consulting Dr Jyotsna Verma?

Answer – After consulting Dr Jyotsna Verma, you will come to know:

♦ What is RIGHT and what is WRONG for the patient. And more importantly, What is the Best Course of Action. In other Words – What is need of the hour?

♦ What you have to do and more importantly what you have to avoid.

♦ What is happening with the patient (Internally and Externally).

♦ What is the best way out of the precarious situation in which the patient and the family members are at present?

WhatsApp or Call +91 9266782222. Do not hesitate, call now.

Do remember that –

♦ Liver Transplant should not be an emotional decision. It must be a practical decision after weighing all the pros and cons.

♦ Cost of a successful Liver Transplant in Delhi is less than 150000 (Rs 15 Lakh).

♦In India, a successful Liver Transplant can be done at nearly 600000 (Rs 6 Lakh).

♦ All the patients suffering from Liver Disease do not necessarily need Liver Transplant.

♦ People from all the nook and corners of the world come to Dr Jyotsna Verma for consultation regarding Liver Diseases and Liver Transplant.

♦If Liver Transplant is required ultimately , this consultation with Dr Jyotsna Verma can save your LAKHs of hard earned money and avoid unnecessary hassles.

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      1. Good afternoon ma’am. My father has a liver cirrhosis desease he was admitted at the hospital until now we are almost 2 weeks there, and on my observation on his situation there’s no improvement.. hope you can help us Dra. on our situation what to do

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