Evaluation of Liver Transplant Candidate

Patient of ESLD is given adequate information about disease, life expectancy and quality of life with disease with and or without transplant. Patient has to understand the disease process, the best available treatment for him/her, affordability, magnitude of transplant surgery, complications of surgery and need of drugs after transplant. Patient is made to understand seriousness of disease, gravity of the problem, complicated nature of surgery, need of support of family members and impact of transplant in their personal life.

Overall health status of patient, associated illnesses, blood group and body weight are evaluated. Patient has to undergo multiple blood test to know liver function, kidney function, coagulation function, viral disease markers and so on. Doppler Ultra-sonography is performed to evaluation liver vessel patency and flow. Contrast enhanced CT scan is performed to evaluate volume of liver, anatomy of vessels and biliary system and in case of tumour; size, number and extra hepatic disease. Consultations from various specialist doctors are sought to rectify associated illness and optimize patient for surgery.

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