Success Rate of Liver Transplant

Do not get lured by the false success rate i.e. 95% or 98% mentioned on internet sites. This is not the actual success rate. The success rate of liver transplant varies from patient to patient. It entirely depends upon the stage of liver disease:

  • pre transplant workup / evaluation
  • risk factors that pop out during liver transplant evaluation
  • post transplant care and follow up
  • dedication of the liver transplant team / hospital
  • Compliance of the patient
  • and many other factors.

Immediate success rate is different for long term success rate. For further clarification the attendants, care takers, decision makers in the family can come to us with all the reports and entire medical history of the liver disease patient. Patients who have Alcoholic liver cirrhosis i.e. liver disease due to alcohol intake should be more careful while opting for liver transplant surgery and must contact us in such a scenario.

7 thoughts on “Success Rate of Liver Transplant”

  1. Sir mera sanju parihar main shivpuri madhy Pradesh india Se hu
    Mere chhote bhai Ki umar17 sal hai or uska liver kharab Ho gya main ek poor family ko blong Se blong krta hu Kya sir iska kuchh Ho skta hai Kya sir please
    Reply jaroor de

  2. Hi sir my father was suffering with liver disease the doctor said that 70℅liver was damage my father was a non alcoholic not even a smoker also but he had diabetes here they are saying that liver transplantion is need in further is there any chance to recover with medicine

  3. Sir mere papa ko liver disease hogya hai,pilia thi pehle usse jehrili pilia hui n after that unka liver pr react kiya in a year n we did not know about it unki umar 63 year hai kya sir unka liver transplant krana teekh rhega

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