Indications for Liver Transplant

Who and Why does one need liver transplant?

When life with liver disease becomes miserable, expected survival is limited for months and patient’s life style is restricted, liver transplant is indicated. Liver transplant extends survival and improves quality of life style as a result of which person can lead active and productive life. All patients referred for transplant do not need transplant, some patients are too high risk for transplant surgery and some patients are too early for transplant surgery.

Which disease need liver transplant?

There are numerous diseases of liver which may need transplant. By and large progressive and irreversible disease process leading to end stage liver disease need transplant. All the diseases are treated with drugs first and transplant is the last option. Transplant is needed when drugs fail to act; and expectancy and quality of life is predicted to be short.

Following are the diseases which may require transplant:

  • 1) Viral Hepatitis induced cirrhosis –
  • 2) Alcohol induced cirrhosis
  • 3) Inborn errors of metabolism
  • 4) Cholestatic disease
  • 5) Acute fulminant hepatic failure
  • 6) Vascular
  • 7) Congenital abnormalities
  • 8) Developmental abnormalities
  • 9) Tumors

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  1. My brother having Wilson disease and Dr. Suggested liver transplant as bilirubin is high upto 4.77 and createnine is 1.62…so suggest what to do

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